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Happy, Happy Birthday Bailey

Happy birthday to my first baby!  You are amazing in every way.  You are smart, creative, kind, funny, loving, goofy, and compassionate.  You are also a huge helper.  I am so proud of you and so blessed to be your mom!

Bailey had a fantastic 8th birthday celebration!  Not even floods or tornados could stop all the fun at our house.  Actually, the flooding didn’t start at our house until the night after her FIRST EVER birthday sleep-over.  That is a very good thing.  I am positive eight little girls would not have liked waking up as they floated across our basement!  The night of the party the water wasn’t coming in but we did have nasty thunderstorms ALL night long.  And, the  tornado siren did go off once during the party but the girls never heard the noise of the siren over their giggles and squeals.  It was amazing no one heard the noise since the siren is only located two blocks from our house. 

We kicked off her first slumber party with lots of pizza.  It turns out the majority of 8-year-old girls mostly prefer cheese pizza!  So after a dinner of cheese pizza, yoohoos, and fruit salad (all Bailey’s chose) we headed downstairs to make bubble gum necklaces and birthday cards for one of our World Vision sponsor children (from Ethiopia, of course), Yetneyet.  Bailey and Yetneyet share the exact same birthday.

The girls had a blast making the necklaces (I guess it was worth gouging my thumb while poking holes in 50 something gum balls the night before!).  They also listened so intently as I read a letter from Yetnayet’s family and carefully passed around her picture.  The girls really took their time making birthday cards to send to Ethiopia.  We took a picture of each girl with the card she made to include in the birthday package.  So hopefully, half-way around the world, Yetneyet will know she is loved and her birthday was celebrated too!

Then we had cake and ice cream!  Bailey wanted a rainbow color party.  It kind of turned into a rainbow/butterfly birthday party on accident…both her outfit and cake ended up having butterflies.  My mom made Bailey a surprise cake.  Bailey was impressed with the six-layered cake but she was WOWED when I cut the first piece. 

Check out her face!

After cake, Bailey opened presents and the girls headed down stairs to take turns hiding Easter eggs for each other (who knew this would be such a  hit?).  The tornado siren went off during the egg hunt, but like I said, not one girl noticed!! 

Finally, after lots of giggles, squeals, and screams all the of the girls were ready to settle down and watch a movie (or two).  While they watched Tinkerbell and Miracle Worker my cousin Emily and I did the girls’ nails. 

I heard the last whisper shortly before one.  They were all up again by 6 the next morning.  I am pretty sure I sent home several sleepy little girls on Saturday.  Bailey said it was her BEST birthday ever!

Thank you to Claire, Allie, Mallorie, Merideth, Alaina, Hope, Emma, Eva, and Bailey V.  for sharing in Bailey’s big day.  Bailey has a great group of friends! 

Bailey and I were both excited to have Emily come and help with the party too.  We love you, Em!

Saturday (Bailey’s actual birthday) Bailey opened her presents from our family.  She received her first pair of TOMS shoes, a Scentsty warmer for her room, and Lilian, a World Vision doll from Belarus. 

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  1. I am so glad you all had so much fun at your birthday party Bailey Boo!

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