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Happy Birthday, My First Born

Nine years ago tomorrow I became a mom for the first time.  That is crazy to me.  I can’t believe it has already been nine years but at the same time it is hard to remember not having my sweet girl with a head full of dark hair.

Bailey has recently repeatedly proven  that she is simply an amazing little girl (and I can still say little because she isn’t in the double digits yet).  Over the last two weeks she has demonstrated time and time again that she is mature, compassionate, responsible, and kind.  Become a big sister to a almost-same age sister over night is just hard.  There are a lot of fun times but there are also many, many really difficult times.  Sharing your toys, your room, and your mommy and daddy is not easy.  Bailey has been amazing.  As I write this, she is sleeping in the same bed with her new sister even though she would much rather be in her own bed without anyone’s knees in her back.  Bailey has learned quickly when she can play with the new sister and when it is best to find something else to do on her own for a while.  She knows when to laugh with Kabaina and when to ignore behaviors.   Kabaina adores Bailey (most of the time) and is constantly looking to her to see how to respond to new situations.  I am thankful she has such a great role-model and friend.  When I need a minute (or fifty, and I am not joking!) alone with Kabaina, Bailey steps up and takes great care of her brothers. 

Speaking of her brothers, they adore her too.  Roman spends a large part of his day pretending to be her baby or puppy dog.  They both love this game.  I don’t really like being called Grandma Becky but the game is otherwise super cute.   Noah and Bailey can spend hours playing together.  They come up with all kinds of crazy, fun ideas when they are alone.  And Luke, well he things Bailey hung the moon and he loves the moon.  Bailey can get him to do all kinds of things and he knows where to run when he gets in trouble.  She loves to comfort him. 

I am so proud of the girl Bailey is today.  She is the little girl who has notebooks full of hand-drawn pictures of waiting kids she plans to adopt when she is a mommy.  She is the little girl who I can trust and who knows all of Roman’s food rules.  She is the little girl who loves to sit on your lap and have her arms and legs rubbed.  She is the little girl who has a huge heart and can’t wait to go back to Ethiopia.   She is a little girl who LOVES babies.  She is a little girl who loves her family, her own bed, dresses, sparkly shoes, pizza, books, nail polish, and most importantly, God.

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Bailey and all of her amazing God-given talents and strengths.  I am go glad I get to be her mom.  She makes the job easy.


Happy Birthday, Bailey Boo!

Tomorrow we celebrate you.

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet Bailey!! We love you so much…. I am so happy that we get to spend your birthday with you tomorrow.

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